Open-air reutaurant @Iloilo

I've flied from Manila to Iloilo, Panay Island this early morning.
It took about 80 minutes by air.
As soon as the jet took off at seven o'clock,
I've fallen in sleep soundly,
because I got up at 3 o'clock in the morning.

Iloilo is famous for sea food.
I enjoyed sea foof at the open-air restaurant tonight
with local people on the street.
I ate boiled shelles with sour sauce, warmed vegitable salad,
fish soup, plain rice and coke.
It took only 49 peso (110yen), but tasty and delicious.
A lot of dishes are prepared.
We select some dishes we want to eat only.

In Asia, eating at the open-air restaurant is one of my joys.
I am enjoying there for many times.
It is not interesting only to eat high-class restaurant.
Fortunately my stomach is very safe even if I ate anything.